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Ajax and GWT are key components in the new Web 2.0 development that provides dramatically enhanced functionality delivered over the web, accessed through web browsers.

In the index on the left, click for tutorials on getting started with both Ajax and GWT.

Ajax is a technique that allows web based applications to update just part of a web page that is being displayed in a browser, without the need to refresh the page. This allows response times that are close to those of a conventional desktop application.

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a fantastically comprehensive series of Ajax code that Google has given freely to the open source community (using the Apache 2.0 licence) that gives functionality to a browser previously unimaginable. Examples of use of GWT include Google's web based word processor and spreadsheet ( There is a good chance that is also driven by GWT, with the toolkits facilities including feedback of mouse movements (such as motion, left click etc), rtf edit boxes and a Java program input to produce an html/javascript output.

The world of Web 2.0
The result of the new developments is that a whole new generation of web-based programs that are now being released through the internet, the capability and functionality of which is referred to collectively as "Web 2.0". Google's word processor and spreadsheet applications, for example, open up the possibility of group collaboration on individual documents with anyone, anywhere in the world, fully functional, rich formatted programs and the "throw away" quick applications like the web based image Gallery we threw together in next to no time at